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The Missing Good Shepherd

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‘Ma Victoire’ – Official Trailer

'Ma Victoire' - Gospel Wenge by Elijah Delapanosta from Faith and Victory with Elijah on Vimeo.

The Lion and the Lamb

A few years ago, my son Elijah Jr made a very special card to welcome me home as I returned from a mission. The front shows a picture of a lion and a lamb, and inside it reads: To daddy,... Continue Reading →

Five levels of faith

Will the Son of Man find faith in you? If faith is the currency of the Kingdom, how much do you have? What is your level of faith today, right now? The Scriptures assure us that ‘without faith, it is... Continue Reading →

We are at War

The Western world is involved in a deadly one-to-one combat with a merciless enemy, who is driven by a burning hatred for the Jews, Judeo-Christian values, and all that is pure and holy. Paul likened this conflict with wrestling: Put on the full... Continue Reading →

Who wrote ‘the just shall live by faith’?

Do you know where the doctrine of ‘justification by faith’ comes from? It is after all, supposed to be the cornerstone of Christianity, what makes our faith different from all religions based on works and rituals. Many believers, especially Protestants,... Continue Reading →

Reflections from the Rule of Benedict

Reflections on The Rule of St Benedict.

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