Elijah Delapanosta is a musician and Apostle of Jesus Christ, challenging today’s generation of believers to live radically for the Lord and to understand the Jewish basis of their faith.

From an early age, Elijah was paralysed in both legs. He spent his childhood in disability hospitals, often undergoing agonising but unsuccessful treatments for bone cancer. Wheelchair bound, he suffered from low self esteem and thought this world had nothing for him. But when believers shared with him that he could have a new body through faith, his life changed and he came to faith. At a crusade in Kinshasa with Dr Morris Cerullo, Elijah was miraculously healed. From then and onwards, he has served the Lord passionately.

WIth Dr Cerullo and his wife Theresa
With Apostle Tambu Lukoki
Preaching with Apostle Tambu Lukoki







Apostle Elijah was released in ministry under the leadership of Apostle Tambu Lukoki and Dr Morris Cerullo. His church ministry began in Johannesburg in the early 1990s, moving to the United Kingdom in 1994. He has planted and oversees churches in the UK, France, Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, and reaches believers across the world through his media ministry. Since 2010, he has been working with synagogues, churches and faith leaders in Israel and beyond to address issues of doctrine and anti-Judaism within the Christian world, and to provide understanding of Christianity through Judaism and study of the Torah and Tanakh. Apostle Elijah is currently studying Theology and Ministry at Cranmer Hall, Durham University, United Kingdom.